Hair Dye Powder

Scientifically referred to as Lawsonia Inermis, Botanicals have been used for thousands of years
as a natural hair coloring and conditioning aid, and we offer the same guarantee offered by
nature over the centuries… none 1 other than Alive hair dye is 100% pure, premium botanicals
and the best that money can buy.
A perennial shrub native to North Africa and Australia is naturalized and cultivated in the tropics
of America, and Egypt. The species is sometimes classified as Lawsonia alba Lam. Reaching a
height of up to 6 meters, the plants has fragrant white or rose-red flowers.
The reported life zone of henna is 19 to 27 degrees centigrade with an annual precipitation of
0.2 to 4.2 meters and soil pH of 4.3 to 7.5. Henna is planted today primarily as an ornament
hedge but is probably best known for its dried, ground leaves traditionally used to produce color
fast orange, red and brown dyes. Dried, powdered leaves of henna contain about 0.5 to 1.5
percent lawsone, the chief constituent responsible for the dyeing properties of the plant. Henna
also contains mannite, tannic acid, mucilage, garlic acid and naphtaquinone. The leaves of
henna have been used in Asia since antiquity as a hair dye.
In the west and the middle Ease, henna is used in hair shampoos, dyes, conditioners. Henna
dye products are mixed with indigo or other plant material to obtain a greater colour range.
As a medicinal plant, henna has been used for astringent, anti-hemorrhagic, intestinal antineoplastic,
cardio-inhibitory, hypertensive and sedative effects. It has also been used as a folk
remedy against amoebiasis, headache, jaundice and leprosy.
Henna extracts show antibacterial, antifungal and ultraviolet light screening activity. The flowers
possess a pleasant aroma and crude perfumes are produced in some major growing areas by
preparing a suspension of comminuted flowers in vegetable oil.

Keeping clean
Wear the gloves. Apply cream to your skin along the hairline, ears and neck. This will help keep
mixture from colouring these areas.
Remember, never use metal during preparation or application. Place hair dye powder in a glass
ceramic or plastic bowl. For short hair use 1-2 oz, more for longer hair.
Start with 1 bottle of hair dye solution, bring it to a boil in a nonmetal container. While stirring
with a wooden or plastic spoon, gradually pour the boiling water into the bowl of hair dye powder.
Add solution until the mixture is creaming yet sandy. There may be water leftover some crops of
this product are grittier than others, the mixture should not be too thick or too runny. It should
slowly slide off of the plastic or wooden spoon used for mixing.
Let mixture set 2-3 minutes to thicken and stabilize. Add more solution if mixture becomes too
thick. Let mixture cool to a workable temperature prior to applying to hair.
To apply you may wish to use an all-plastic paintbrush or a plastic squeeze bottle. Divide the
hair into sections, using a plastic or wooden comb plastic clips or string. Do not use any metal
objects to hold the hair in place. Begin applying mixture to hair, starting at the top of the head,
coating all strands from roots outward. Cover hair with shower cap.
Add heat if desire. Heat is not absolutely necessary, but it will enhance red shades. Left the
mixture on the hair for the length of time needed (at least 1 hour) to obtain the desired colours.
Rinse out with warm water. For best results wait 48 hours before shampooing with mild

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